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How much father is it?

You can blame it on AutoCorrect, Spell Check, voice-activated text, or just plain old lack of spelling skills, but social media continues to be a bottomless pit of unintentional laughs. … Read more »

The Lost Art of Spelling

More than a few times over the years, I’ve filled this space with “Facebook Fails” or “AutoCorrect Accidents,” a collection of unfortunate misspellings.  These word mishaps are caused by technology,… Read more »

Let’s shut down 2018

  Many people have described 2018 as a terrible year. According to the latest polls, the only thing Americans agree on is that Americans do not agree on anything. At… Read more »

Look me in the eyes

Recently, a manager who works with a chain of retail stores asked me for an honest opinion. He said one of his store’s competitors seemed to get more favorable mentions… Read more »

Beach Boy for a day

  I finally got to hang out with the Beach Boys, well, two of them anyway. Mike Love, who co-founded the group with his cousins Brian, Dennis and Carl Wilson… Read more »